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Sex and Death Guidance


Essentials that every Sex Master should have in their tool kit


Deluxe Crystal Wand For G-Spot Massage
Maui Moisturizing Body & Massage Oil
WOW! A Tantric Aphrodisiac
Amrita Waterproof Splash Pads - Bedding Protection


Sexual Healing: The Tantra Way DVD
White Tantra Yoga - 3 Volume Complete Set (5CDs)
Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy DVD
Meeting of the Masters Volume 1: Tao + Tantra
Meeting of the Masters Volume 2: Tao + Tantra
Meeting of the Masters Volume 3: Tao + Tantra


Learn Tantra At Home Multimedia Set
A Complete Guide to Sacred Spot - 1 DVD, 1 Book, 2 CDs
Meeting of the Masters - 3 DVD Complete Collection for $33
5 DVD Ultimate Bundle for $55

seminars & trainings

Source Tantra Beginners Weekend Seminar
Source Tantra Mastery Course - CTE Level 1