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Tantric Based, Intuition Led
— Raven

Ravantra® takes Tantric principals and adds my Raven twist. The main principal behind Ravantra® is combining tantric techniques with extreme arousal enabling you to explore you shadows and become fully expressive of your true sexual self.  You can imagine a sensual horizontal lap dance with ample body-to-body sliding, holding and rubbing with ending that is nothing short of magick.


Purpose: To understand the benefits of letting go of control, selfishness and caring for yourself through total surrender and release. To open up and align your chakras, especially your sexual center. To learn to be present with your body and understand what pleasure and ecstasy can feel like on a deeper, more connected level. To explore your shadow side, bringing you back to your natural state as an erotic sexual being.

Benefits: Release of stress and anxiety, ability to connect with humans on a deeper level, capability to create deeper intimacy with those in your life, elimination of sexual ‘dysfunctions.’ Release of traumas, discovery of your true sexual self, increase of confidence and power and a new feeling of being whole.

Who is it for: Those wanting to explore Tantra through the modern perception of what I believe to be the true cause of the suppression and disconnect of our sexuality. Those wanting to better understand the reasoning behind sexual ‘dysfunctions.’ Those wanting to reprogram and unplug from societies standards and expectations around sexuality. For those that feel they have buried shadows and traumas that require healing on a soul level.


90 MINUTES (plus 15 min consult):   350

2 HOURS (plus 15 min consult):          450        


Ravantra® takes Tantric principals and adds my Raven twist. I prefer not to claim a certain modality, as I have often found that following such principals inhibits my intuition from taking a front seat. So I have created Ravantra®. This allows me to take from ancient practices and make them my own.


The main principal behind Ravantra® is combining tantric techniques with extreme arousal. Tantric practitioners have often told me that I am too sexy and my approach is too arousing. This became a shadow for me and was something that I often tried to suppress. Some Tantric sessions can be centered around light, sweet, gentle practices. While you will find a kindness in my eyes that you can feel safe with, I like to take a darker approach. I hesitate to use this term, as it can be seen as a negative. Many feel that ‘dark’ insinuates a menacing type of magick used to hurt people. My gifts are only intended to assist with growth, healing and awakening.


Sexual Dysfunctions: Many Tantric practices are focused around resolving sexual ‘dysfunctions’ through different techniques or pressure points. While these can be useful, my practice is centered around the belief that we are not broken or dysfunctional. With this work you will come to realize that nothing is actually wrong with you. It is all just programming of the mind that has made you come to believe that there is a ‘problem.’ The more we buy into what we have been told or what we have seen, the more we are feeding the idea that we are ‘dysfunctional.’ This practice is about learning how powerful our minds really are and how we can shift everything when we learn to change our thought patterns and programs. I believe that sexual ‘dysfunctions’ arise due to:

1. Not getting what we need sexually- Maybe we have found ourselves in a rut with our current sexual partner, maybe we are not communicating our true needs, desires or fantasies, or maybe we are not properly being aroused. Forcing ourselves to perform acts of sex are not serving anyone. Learning to listen to our bodies, communicate our needs and honor our desires can help eliminate a lack of sexual desire.

2. Feeling pressure- Frequently the pressure to perform a certain way, to last a certain amount of time, or to create a pleasurable experience for our partner can distract us from being present with our body and our partner. When we learn to clear our minds and explore with selfish acquisition, putting to rest a need to please, we can then fully come into a raw sensual state.

3. Being overwhelmed by daily life or being stressed out- Often times we robotically perform acts of sex, thinking that if we are not having sex with our partners X number of times a week, there is something wrong with our relationship. Learning to connect with our bodies, to create a sensual set and setting, to let go of the world around us, and to see sex as a sacred bonding time, we can show up present and fully ready to give and receive.

4. Being trained and programmed- Starting at a young age we are programmed to think sex is naughty and expressing ourselves sexually is taboo. We were trained to masturbate quickly and quietly so that no one would catch us. Then men wonder why they can’t last longer in bed. They have essential been training themselves since they were young to be quick. Through practice and understanding we can learn to explore ourselves slowly and sensually. We can connect with pleasure in a more present way, allowing our bodies to stay in a state of ecstasy for as long as we choose.

5. Thinking there is something wrong with us- This practice is about letting go of programs we have learned and coming into an acceptance of our current state of being; realizing that we are not broken and that we are perfect and divine in any state of performance. The more we tell ourselves to become aroused, to last longer, or to have an orgasm, the less likely that is going to happen. Partners can play a big role in this programming. They are programmed as well and think that if it is broken, they no longer want to play with it. This can be very discouraging and can cause further trauma. In our society we see intimacy as, hard cock thrusting in a vagina until ejaculation. In reality, there are many ways to be intimate and exploring that is half the fun. So when we let go of the idea that there is a problem, only then will the ‘problem’ cease to exist. 





All of my sessions start with a brief consult. This allows us to discuss your desires, goals and intentions. We may also briefly discuss your sexual history, going over how you were raised, what issues you feel are present in your current sex life and what you hope to achieve.

We will also discuss several Tantric techniques that can be used for enhancing pleasure, moving energy, opening Chakras and awakening your sexual center. These techniques are not meant to be jobs for you, only tools to assist in your journey.

For existing clients this time may be spend discussing our previous session, giving me an opportunity to assess your current needs and give advice on how to build upon our work.

*Please allow for an additional 15 minutes added on to your appointment time. This time is included in my rates and does not take away from your time on the table.



For this session we will start with a breathing exercise, which will allow you to become grounded and for us to connect on an energetic level .  As the session continues you will find that I am skillfully able to release any nervous tension or stress, allowing you to fully surrender and relax into my care. At this time, my main job as a Shadow Seductress Priestess is to do just that, seduce you. As one client said, it was both the most relaxing and arousing experience of his life! As the arousal beings to build, so does the sexual energy in your lower chakras. I will use energy work to build this energy up your chakras.  It is good to note that, while you may not know, a lot of behind the scenes energy work is happening on my part. During this time I will utilize a handful of modalities including, Tantra, Lomi Lomi massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage, and Nuru massage. You can imagine a sensual horizontal lap dance with ample body-to-body sliding, holding and rubbing with ending that is nothing short of magick.

*While traditional massage is a part of your session, the main focus is arousal and excitement and this type of therapy is not meant to replace the benefits of traditional massage. 


 There are certain practices that I encourage in all of my sessions. These suggestions are meant to encourage your inner sexuality to be fully released. My space is safe and sacred and everything from laughter, sobs, or screams are welcomed. I once had a client say that the thought of becoming aroused was difficult for him, as he had programmed himself to avoid arousal during traditional massage. During our session I ask that you let all of that go and fully release into your pleasure without the traditional worries that you are doing something bad, that you will get caught or that there is any judgment. And remember that as an empath, the more you get into, the more I get into it! 



I believe that music plays a very important role in guiding the mood of our sessions. I have a variety of playlist that I choose from based on intuition and can include anything from soft instrumental, or sexy vocal songs, to darker tribal. If you have a request or preference, please let me know. 



As a healer I do not wish to be seen as eye candy or be objectified. There are a few options that we can discuss for the visual aspect of your journey that are meant to assist with healing and growth.

·      Eye Gazing- This allows for a deeper connection between two human beings. It is said that the eyes are a direct portal into the soul. You will have your eyes closed most of the time but when your eyes do open you will be looking directly into my eyes. Looking deeply into someone’s eyes not only allows you to see deep within another person but you are also giving them permission to see deeply into you. Often times we walk through life with our head down, we look away when talking to people and we close our eyes during sex. This practice can bring a renewed sense of confidence in your sex life and everyday life. It can also create deeper connections with everyone that you interact with. This practice is not meant to create a deeper connection with me and I maintain a professional demeanor with all of my clients. When looking into my eyes your job is to see me as a human being, see that we are the same and see the beauty that all of mankind embodies.

·      Fully Present Visually- This option designed for the shy ones; the ones that want to look but are embarrassed just by the thought of it. Our work together is based around healing and growth, so this session is not for those just wanting to be stimulated visually. The idea behind Tantra is to become present with your body and to get away from the practice of needing porn or other stimuli to feel pleasure. This session is specifically designed for those wanting to feel comfortable admiring the beauty of a woman’s body; seeing her curves, watching her move and accepting that it is okay to be curious and it is okay to be aroused. We have been taught to look away from nudity and that staring or being curious is perverted and shameful. This practice is meant to reprogram ourselves to believe that nudity and sexuality are beautiful in all forms. During this session, no matter how uncomfortable or embarrassed you may feel, you will have your eyes open the entire time you are on your back and will be watching me as an observer with childlike wonder and inquisitiveness.

·      Blindfold: When you are on your back I will place a blindfold over your eyes.

Benefits of the Blindfold:

·      Going Inward-This can greatly assist you with the process of fully going inward to explore your shadows

o   During this time you will be encouraged to: Explore your deepest darkest fantasies. Bring up sexual traumas that you may have buried deep within your subconscious. Bring yourself back to memories of your youth when the programs began telling you that sex was naughty, dirty or sinful.

·      My Priestess Process-This allows me to feel free to go fully inward, connecting with you on an energetic level. When being watched the head can get involved, with a need to put on a show. A lot of behind the scenes work is happening at this time and my full meditative concentration is necessary for me to work with you on a deeper, energetic level.

·      Enhanced Sensation- When making use of any sort of sensory deprivation, other senses are enhanced. With the use of a blindfold the slightest touch, sound and sensations are greatly enhanced. Many of my clients that were initially adverse to the use of a blindfold, later found it to greatly intensify their experience. 



I request that my clients come ready to be 100% in a receiver’s role. I do not offer kissing, yoni touching or oral. But don’t worry, I will give you plenty of guided opportunities to touch and explore.