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Shadow S{Hole} Healing®


Shadow S{Hole} HEaling®


When we suppress our shadows they become holes in our souls. My gift as a healer is to help you uncover and accept your shadows. We will work on bringing these shadows to the surface, filling the holes in your soul, which have inhibited you from being the whole beautiful being that you are. For this session you can imagine exploring your hidden shadow side through discussion, extreme arousal and excitement with dark, sensual full body-to-body contact and energy work that will bring you to a conclusion that will change your view of the word healing!  


Purpose: To explore your shadow side, bringing you back to your natural state as an erotic sexual being.

Benefits: Release of traumas, discovery of your true sexual self, increase of confidence and power and a new feeling of being whole.

For: Those wanting to reprogram and unplug from societies standards and expectations around sexuality. For those that feel they have buried shadows and traumas that require healing on a soul level.


90 MINUTES (plus 15 min consult):     320

2 HOURS (plus 15 min consult):            420




Through natural born gifts and after working extensively with plant medicines, I have discovered my ability to channel, receiving messages from a higher source. Through these messages I have been able to see that one of the main causes of disharmony in our lives is the suppression of our shadows. Shadows can often be seen as darkness or evil. We see light as good and dark as bad. Some people work very hard to rid themselves of the darkness within. However, I think our darkness is something to be embraced and nourished. To rid ourselves of the darkness within is to deny a part of ourselves.

Many of our shadows are centered around sexuality and we have many negative programs running that inhibit us from experiencing the full potential of our erotic nature. Sex is the basis of our entire existence and is the magick that creates life. We are gifted with these amazing human forms, capable of extremes states of ecstasy and pleasure. To deny the beauty in that and to feel shameful for opening up sexually is the true sin. 


When we suppress our shadows they become holes in our souls. You can imagine your soul as a beautiful ball of light. As we have learned to ignore and suppress our shadows they begin to suck deeper and deeper into our souls. My gift as a healer is to help you uncover and accept your shadows. This will bring them to the surface, filling the holes in your soul, which have inhibited you from being the whole beautiful being that you are. We may have the belief that we must rid ourselves of our shadows in order to become a full light being. With this practice we are not removing anything. We are simply surfacing a part of us that has been hidden, bringing our polar sides together as one. 

Often there are many shadows that need to be surfaced which cannot happen all at once. They need to be explored and understood, which can take time. Some people feel an immediate shift and for some people they may begin to see changes over a period of days or weeks. It does take time for your soul to shift into its new state of being. The more we work together the more we will begin to uncover, eventually fully filling all of your holes.




All of my sessions start with a consult. During this time we will briefly discuss your sexual history, going over how you were raised, what issues you feel are present in your current sex life and what you hope to achieve.

For existing clients this time may be spent discussing our previous session or anything that may have come up since then. After our time together you may have questions or have certain shadows that came up that you wish to explore in future. Each session will give us the opportunity to go deeper through discussion and exploration.

*Please allow for an additional 15 minutes added on to your appointment time. This time is included in my rates and does not take away from your time on the table. 



For your first session you will start by simply relaxing into the session on my table. In future session, depending on my assessment, I may use certain exercise as a way for you to explore your inner self and uncover hidden shadows. During your time on the table I will use a handful of modalities including Swedish massage, Thai massage, Lomi Lomi massage and Nuru massage. As a Sensual Shadow Seductress, my job at this time is to build arousal. Through my third eye I am able to see the shadows begin to arise as the arousal builds. 



During these sessions I do often choose to use a darker style of music. In a way we are trying to harness our shadows through the acceptance of our dark side, allowing it surface and turning it into light. 



When you are on your back I will place a blindfold over your eyes.

Reasons for the Blindfold:

· Going Inward- This allows you to fully go inward. It is necessary for you to try to clear your mind and allow it to dive deep into your subconscious.

o   During this time you will be encouraged to: Explore your deepest darkest fantasies. Bring up sexual traumas that you may have buried deep within your subconscious. Bring yourself back to memories of your youth when the programs began telling you that sex was naughty, dirty or sinful.

· My Priestess Process-This allows me to feel free to go fully inward, connecting with you on an energetic level. When being watched the head can get involved, with a need to put on a show. A lot of behind the scenes work is happening at this time and my full meditative concentration is necessary for me to begin to help you suck up and surface the shadows. 

· Enhanced Sensation-When making use of any sort of sensory deprivation other senses are enhanced. With the use of a blindfold the slightest touch, sound and sensations are greatly enhanced. Many of my clients that were initially adverse to the use of a blindfold, later found it to greatly intensify their experience.



As the session concludes your arousal will come to its peak. This is the time when I see the shadows fully coming to the surface. I will use energetic breath as a way to assist you by pulling up energy thus filling the holes. Once I have seen holes begin to fill I will then blow energetic light into you. I see this light surrounding your auric soul as a shield of protection. This begins your souls healing process, allowing these shadows to integrate into it’s natural state as you once were when you came into this planet as a whole being. I will then perform certain rituals that will close our healing circle and conclude our session.  



I request that my clients come ready to be 100% in a receiver’s role. I do not offer kissing, yoni touching or oral. But don’t worry, I will give you plenty of guided opportunities to touch and explore.