Aluna Lopez | Primal Spirit
Sex and Death Guidance

Domme Duo


Nothing makes a dominatrix session more fun, more believable and more thrilling then procuring the skills of two amazing Mistresses! The dynamics of two creative, artistic, sensual and ball-busting mistresses can take your specific fantasy, fetish or role play scenario to a whole new level!

Do you have a certain fetish but don’t know where to go with it? No problem. Rose and Raven have an assortment of role play scenarios to draw from and an arsenal of toys, costumes and scenes that can bring your fantasy to life.

The theatrics of Dominatrix is Rose and Raven’s specialty. With the ability to play off of each other’s energy and fuel each other’s creativity, this becomes an experience not soon to be forgotten or topped.


I am a deeply passionate, imaginative, and playful woman with an adventurous heart. I believe in the raw power of erotic expression, that it has the potential to heal, transform, and transcend the ordinary. So, why should I conform to a particular niche? I am a sensual artist, a teacher, a domina, and a kink connoisseur. I am all these things and more as I continue to explore sexy ways of being in the world.


My specialties lie in the realm of sensuality and seduction, however my dark sinister side loves to take a front seat when it comes to handling my subs. Give me a role and I am happy to embody it fully. I love dressing up and the theatrics of role-play is my favorite. I believe that fetish are a healthy expression of our sexuality and commend those willing to explore them. It takes courage and an inner awareness, which is very sexy! I love to learn what makes you tick, squeal and what will make you beg for more!


INTRO: Explore your fantasies with the inclusion of toy play.

1.5 hrs- 700


EXCLUSIVE: The sky’s the limit with this package! 

1.5 hrs- 1000

I had seen Raven a couple months ago and she had been everything I hoped for and more. A week later I had seen Rose. Both were sessions that involved a lot of sensual fetish play. A few weeks ago I contacted Raven about getting together again and if she had any friends who would like to join us for my birthday. She suggested Rose and I instantly jumped at the chance. They brought me in, stripped me down, and had me bound and helpless. The 90 minutes was a whirlwind of being teased and pleased. The great thing was they were so hot together. I have to say I eventually had a painful well-earned peak that left me shaking, giggling, and smiling ear to ear and I loved it. However they never took the foot off the gas and kept teasing me and pleasing me and follow their orders until they took me over the edge again. The thing I appreciate about both of these ladies is that they do everything they can to please you and never cut the time short. In addition they completely respected my wishes and gave me a wonderful birthday present that will be unforgettable.
— Flintstone