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 Featured in this photo: The lovely  Kitten Karlyle

Featured in this photo: The lovely Kitten Karlyle



Bondassage® takes you on a journey of sensation surprises. You may be a seasoned traveler in the BDSM realm but want something different, or you may be brand new and want to be introduced gently to percussion play, sensation exploration, and bondage. Either way, I can create a Bondassage session that best suits your needs. I’ll take you toward your known (and sometimes unknown) desires in an environment that is kind, safe, and full of surprises.


Bondassage has given me the perfect outlet, as a provider, to be aSensual Domme and explore BDSM on a more sensory, body connected level. There are so many unknown and often ignored erogenous zones in the body. Bondassage allows me to slowly explore your body, inch by inch, finding and playing with every spot that makes you say oooohh and ahhh. This is a great way to find your limits between the blurred line where pain meets pleasure. Rest assured that with my gentle, intuitive touch we will only go as far as you would like to go.


Not quite ready for Bondassage?  You’ll love Elysium!

“In Greek mythology, only those specially favored by the gods entered Elysium and were made immortal …” Encyclopedia Britannica


Elysium is also a journey of sensation, but based in relaxation. A gentle, supremely slow passage to the edge and back ~ over and over and over. It is a blend of light Swedish effleurage strokes, Taoist erotic massage techniques, soft sensual music, and conscious touch with the intent to relax and simultaneously engage your nerve endings and pleasure response.






I was so very happy that I was one of the first lucky men to experience Raven’s Elysium massage session. I felt as though Raven was having the time of her life pleasuring me in unique and erotic ways. Raven has an obvious and natural affinity for sensual body work. From the moment we started, I could sense that she has a deep understanding of the body’s sensory systems. Starting with the gentle rocking all the way to the explosive finish I was completely immersed in her presence. After Ravens touch brought me to several peaks, I was treated to an explosive peak that left me thoroughly satiated and completely blissed-out. There was after-care that included warm towels wrapped around my naughty bits AND around my feet. Along the way, Raven massaged me using advanced techniques that providing a fantastic edging experience. Raven clearly and most enjoyably kept me at a high level of arousal for a very long time. Oh, and by the way, I received attention in ways I have not experienced before. Wow!
— ~Mike S.