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Learn about Raven Tantra's background and how a Denver Dakini can help you reach your full sexual potential through body work, seduction, sexual healing. Gain confidence, stamina, and masterful techniques.

Denver. California. Santa Cruz. Hawaii. Honolulu. Oahu.


Priestess is a very broad term, however I find that I resonate with several different practices, making it hard to label myself as one specific type of practitioner. A priestess is generally defined as a woman who leads rituals. I believe that titles are not something you choose; yet it is something that chooses you.

Being a body worker is something that has presented itself in my life as a calling. It is something that I channel and something that naturally flows from every cell of my being. It is something that I live and love deeply. 



I see myself as a Dakini Priestess. A Dakini is a Tantric Priestess that roughly translates in Sanskrit to “Sky Dancer.” A Dakini, in carnal form, is a female muse gifted with the abilities to serve as a vessel, carrying out sexual spiritual enlightenment.  A Dakini’s role is to evoke spiritual awakening through pleasure and arousal. They are cosmic souls, grounded on the earth yet always dancing in the sky. I often find myself dancing in the ether worlds, gaining knowledge and guidance. 



I see myself as a Curandera Priestess. A Curandera is a Spanish traditional healer whose practices include plant medicine healing, exorcisms, and spirit cleansings. Cureanderas are thought to be blessed by God with naturally born healing powers. These gifts are often passed down from generation to generation. I come from a long line of healers from both my paternal and maternal lineage. Not only do I feel that my gifts are something passed down to me, but also something that I have gained from many, many lifetimes working with Sex Magick. 



I see myself as a Shamanic Priestess. Shamans are channelers who interact with and receive messages from the spirit world through altered states of consciousness. An archetype for a shaman is The Wounded Healer, as it is said that many shamans find their calling through sickness and suffering. My awakening began when I was going through major health trials and tribulations. I healed myself through connection with a higher source and I seek to do the same for others. 


I have a bachelor’s degree in both Behavioral Science and Marketing. I have spent the last few years traveling the world, giving me the opportunity to experience different cultures, beliefs and practices. During my travels and over the years, I have had the pleasure of studying with many different teachers in the fields of Tantric Massage, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Yoga, Reiki, Aromatherapy, nutrition, and plant medicine therapy.

I enjoy dabbling in many different modalities. My clients find that my approach, although backed by traditional studies, tend to take on a unique approach. My views are that we should learn what we can but let intuition take a front seat. I use what I know but let my intuitive gifts and sensual desires take precedence where and when they can, making my services as unique as I am. 


Source School of Tantra- CTE Level 1 Tantra Mastery Teacher in Training

Bondassage®-Certified Bondassage and Elysium Practitioner

Bondassage®-Certified Bondassage and Elysium Trainer

The Universal Life- Ordained Minister & Physio/Spiritual Massage Certificate 

Source Tantra Mastery Course - CTE Level 1