Aluna Lopez | Primal Spirit
Sex and Death Guidance


Learn about harnessing your sexual power by becoming a god among men with sexual mastery. Tantra and sexual practices need to be learned just like anything else. You spend time practicing an instrument to master your technique. Sex should be the same. 

Denver. California. Santa Cruz. Hawaii. Honolulu. Oahu.


Modern Tantra has many definitions and takes many forms. My practice is based on the art of conscious lovemaking. Its main purpose is to bring men back to their original state, before programming and modern practices created habitual limitations of a man’s capacity for pleasure and connection. 

When passion, love, and consciousness join together, they transform sex into a profound and loving meditation, which increases intimacy, joy, and connection in a couple’s life.
Through practice, couples can experience an ever-deepening transcendental oneness and bliss. Sex is the doorway for most students, but love and awakening is what they find.
— The Source School of Tantra Yoga


  • To help you reveal the god that you are through the mastery of conscious lovemaking
  • To give information, not advice
  • To be an empathetic authority, not an egotistic authority
  • To nurture you and your growth, not insist upon it
  • To see and love you, as I see and love myself. I will not judge you or let the outer shell reflect the true you.
  • To provide a distinct alternative to the mundane, unfulfilling norm
  • To create enrichment of your quality of life through obtainment of sexual mastery
  • To heal wounds related to sexual abuse, sexual dysfunctions and sexual misunderstandings
  • To provide self and partner practices to help further your mastery
  • To be a vessel and conduit for your own personal growth. I am here to provide information, energy, love and motivation. I am no better or worse than those I work with. We are equals as we evolve and share the energy of love.
  • To meet you on the continuum of sexual mastery, wherever you are on the scale
  • To show you that you matter to me
  • To build upon each session allowing you to understand your true self, gain knowledge and expand your practice
  • To liberate you, not create dependency. Tantric studies are infinite but soon you will have the tools to empower your own awakening and mastery.

Become the sexual master that you were meant to be. Gain the confidence and tools you need to love yourself, love others and surrender to the limitless eroticism you can experience with another. 

Source Tantra Beginners Weekend Seminar